Camera traps

Photo Trap camera for protection or hunting is a great solution for

1. You can set this camera to ensure the protection of housing and other country houses of the objects of the cooperatives.

2. Put in this photo of the trap to objects warehouse or industrial use, You can avoid many problems.

3. In addition You can observe the life of animals, hunting them to plan your photos based on what animal lives in a certain area.

Photo traps are produced in a durable protective case special camouflage colour provides excellent camouflage attach it to a tree or other object in the kit are durable fastening which allows you to lock the camera on any surface.

If you want to buy high-quality photo traps in this case in our online store you can find them in the parameters, the site presents a wide range of different models of photo traps with different characteristics and price. You can choose the device with the desired angle, and range of coverage of the territory. We each set included a memory card as a gift to store photos and videos, furthermore, in many cameras there is a remote control for ease of use this photo traps. Is there such a camera will suspect the motion included a motion sensor which signals you about any incident in the vicinity of this camera.

Type all photo traps can be divided into two types

Camera traps for conservation, this type of device is developed on the latest technologies and guarantees reliable protection of your property residential or non-residential premises. The feature of such cameras for security is that they are equipped with a motion sensor and a function of shooting in the dark or otherwise the infrared camera. So at any time of the year, you will be able to be notified about the presence of any penetration or visit places close to the camera.

Photo traps for hunting is equipped with very rich functionality that will help any hunter for a successful hunt. First of all camera for hunting motion sensor will always signal you if There is near the camera slipped a large significant object. Even at night, in conditions of very poor visibility, infrared sensors on the camera will signal you about changing the color bandwidth, frames per second and compare with the usual position, So you can be sure that the motion sensor reacts in such a way that your pet will be with him 100% correct.

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